Friday, 13 October 2017

Plasticine Boats

With our States of Matter unit coming to an end, the students were given a challenge to design a boat from Plasticine that could float and  hold the most pennies. It took trial and error and determination to be successful!

McKenna's boat held 22 pennies so it was declared the winner of the challenge.  Students used the design process (see posters below) and needed to rethink their design after testing it.  They were thinking like scientists!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Liquids Experiment

Today the Grade Twos learned how to use eye droppers and then tested how different liquids move.  There was lots of excitement and trying different variables to drive the drop around the racetrack!
What happens if you use 2 drops?  How about if you hold the racetrack straight down?  What happens if you try to blow the liquid?

Something to Crow About!

 Our Art project this week came from a wonderful website called Deep Space Sparkle.  Projects that involve different media and techniques are important and I like it when the project has a place for individuality like this one did.
 Students started by using the water colour paints to create a background for the crow.  Some really liked the way these paints blended and using special Art paper helped with the look.  The paper stayed fairly flat as it dried quickly while students worked on the next part.

 Templates were given to cut out a body and wings from black paper and then a beak and feet from orange.  Googly eyes gave our crows a real cartoon look.

They turned out great - really something to crow about!